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Restaurant Cotton proudly introduces its latest endeavor, the “Steaks for State Champs” initiative, dedicated to celebrating the often-overlooked heroes behind high school sports victories: the coaching staff. In a heartfelt tribute to their dedication and contribution to our community, Restaurant Cotton extends an invitation for a complimentary dinner to coaching staff whose teams clinch state championships.

Partnering with local businesses Peach Tree Dental and Aron’s Pharmacy & Diner, Restaurant Cotton is excited to launch this initiative as a collaborative effort to recognize and appreciate the unsung heroes of high school sports. Through this partnership, Restaurant Cotton aims to amplify the impact of “Steaks for State Champs” and further enhance the support provided to local coaches.

Recognizing the profound impact of sports on fostering camaraderie and excellence within our community, Restaurant Cotton is enthusiastic about offering a gesture of gratitude to these unsung leaders. “Steaks for State Champs” represents more than a meal; it’s a token of appreciation for the relentless commitment, unwavering dedication, and boundless passion these coaches invest in nurturing the next generation of athletes.

Committed to serving as a hub of community spirit, Restaurant Cotton aspires to celebrate accomplishments and cultivate excellence. Through “Steaks for State Champs,” the establishment endeavors to strengthen its ties with local sports, fostering a sense of unity and pride throughout the community.

Eligibility for the “Steaks for State Champs” program is straightforward: coaching staff of local high school teams that secure state championships in athletics are cordially invited to enjoy a complimentary dinner at Restaurant Cotton. This initiative serves as a heartfelt expression of gratitude, acknowledging the significant influence these coaches wield over our youth and community.

To the coaching staffs shaping the lives of young athletes, Restaurant Cotton extends its heartfelt salute. Here’s to many more celebrations of your success and contributions to our community. Welcome to the “Steaks for State Champs” family, where your commitment to excellence is celebrated and honored.

Kindly provide the information below so we may contact you to schedule your Steaks for State Champs dinner*.

Please note: the Steaks for State Champs initiative is meant to honor our local area high school coaches and their successes with a private, complimentary dinner. To serve all Steaks for State Champs honorees fairly, this private dining experience is limited to coaches only.

*eligible for State Champion titles earned beginning in April of 2024

Please provide your school name, sport, state title awarded, and number of coaching staff.